Lt-Col. Iain F. MacAlpine

(S/N 135469)

Lt-Col. Iain F. MacAlpine, (born in Paisley , Scotland) formerly of the Black Watch Regiment, served in No.6 Commando as the 2-i/c (Major) from 5th May 1942 with the departure of Maj. J.P.F. Miles. Later he was promoted to Lt-Colonel and the Commanding Officer of No.6 Commando following the transfer out of the unit of Lt-Col. T.H. Trevor.

Whilst serving in North Africa he was taken seriousl ill and admitted to the 94th General Hospital on 4th December 1942. He did not return to the Commando being replaced by Lt-Col. Derek Mills-Roberts.

In mid-1943 he is noted as being OC of No.43 (Royal Marine) Commando.

In October 1943 he was noted as being from the Holding Commando.