Capt. Donald A. "Half-Pint" Colquhoun

(S/N 75674)

Lt. Donald A. "Half-Pint" Colquhoun, formerly of the Scots Guards, served as a sub-altern with No.6 Troop of No.6 Commando from at least 5th August 1941.

He is reported as being in charge of No.6 Troop (just 30 men) and conducting a fighting patrol in Djeb El Berakine area of Tunisia on 1st February 1943.

He was given a field promotion to A/Captain by Lt-Col. Derek Mills-Roberts on 10th March 1943 to be effective from 26th February 1943 , and was promoted to full Captain on 24th June 1944 and assumed command of No.3 Troop effective from 6th June 1944 , following the death of Capt. Alan Pyman. 

On the return of No.6 Commando to the UK the unit was re-organised for their envisaged move to the Far East, and on 27th January 1945 Capt. Donald Colquhoun was replaced as OC No.3 Troop by Capt. D. Stalker. Capt. Donald Colquhoun left the Commando.

He was commissioned on 18th May 1938.

Picture is believed to have been taken in September 1941.