Lt. Evan Charles Beverly Scott Keat MC

(S/N 328922)

Lt. Evan Charles Beverly Scott Keat, formerly of the Royal Army Medical Corps, was appointed as the Regimental Medical Officer (RMO) after D-Day and was still serving as the RMO of No.6 Commando until, at least, 1st June 1945 when – as a Lieutenant - he was awarded the Military Cross. The citation read:

‘Near Essel on 11th April 1945, the enemy put in a strong counter-attack of two companies on the unit position in a wood, just before the unit had, had time to consolidate its recently won position.

Lt. Keat had his Regimental Aid Post situated in the rear of the unit but the flatness of the ground was such that during the counter-attack those in the rear were just as exposed to the enemy small arms fire as those in the front.  Realising that there was no alternative but to cope with the casualties in the open Lt. Keat calmly stood in the open throughout the 75 minutes of the counter-attack attending casualties, completely undaunted by the heavy small arms fire, even though one of his medical orderlies was shot whilst assisting him.  Never once did he make any attempt to take cover but used what pits had been dug to shelter his casualties until there was an opportunity of evacuation.

By sheer personal example, force of character, complete disregard for his own danger he not only inspired his medical section with the same spirit but also by immediate and skilful attention saved the lives of the badly wound men.’