Capt. R.D. "Gouli" Knox

(S/N 124210)

2nd-Lt. R.D. Gouli Knox, formerly of the Leicesters , served with No.6 Commando from at least 17th May 1941.

He temporarily took over the role as Commando Adjutant on 8th July 1941 until 11th July 1941 after Capt. Chute was injured in a car crash, and later served in North Africa. 

He was promoted to Captain on 26th July 1942.

He was injured in both legs by gunfire during the Battle for Steamroller Farm, North Africa, on 26th February 1943 and returned to the Commando again on 8th June 1943. returning to the post of Commando Adjutant.

It is noted that he was still serving as Commando Adjutant until, at least, 30th August 1943 .

On 28th October 1943 , Major Knox was mentioned as being from the Holding Commando.
Picture is believed to have been taken in September 1941.
Picture taken in 1942