2-Lt. (US) Elwood G. "Buss" Leaply

Sgt. (US) Elwood G. "Buss" Leaply, formerly of the 168th (US) Rifle Regiment, served with No.2 Section of No.7 Troop of No.6 Commando from at least June 1942 until the return of the men of the 168th (US) Commandos to the 34th (US) Infantry Division on 4th February 1943.

During his time with No.6 Commando he received a battlefield promotion to 2-Lt, being one of the youngest promotions of its type in the US Army.

It is noted that later on during the war Lt. Nelson F. Kibbler was seriously wounded, suffering extensive burns, when rescuing several of his men caught in a fire.