Capt. Paul Lieven MC

Capt. Paul Lieven, formerly of the Royal Canadian Artillery, served on attachment as the Political & Liaison Officer with No.6 Commando for the Operation Torch landings in the Vichy North African colonies from, at least, 13th October 1942.

On 8th November 1942, during No.6 Commando’s assault on Fort Duperre, Algiers, he placed himself in considerable personal danger on at least six occassions when he advanced alone to within 30 yards of the fort whilst trying to parley with the French marine garrison within. It is noted that on each occasion that he advanced he was met with closely ranged sniper fire, but advanced through open ground despite this warning fire. For these acts of bravery he was awarded the Military Cross on 9th December 1943.

Capt. Paul Lieven was injured in a grenade explosion on 28th November 1942 at Sedjenane (Tunisia) and was evacuated back to the UK via 217 Field Ambulance.