Lt. Richard Percy Livingstone

(S/N 149081)

Lt. Richard Percy Livingstone, formerly of the Royal Ulster Rifles and No.12 Commando, served with No.6 Commando from 11th March 1942.

It is noted that Lt. Richard Percy Livingstone was transferred to No.101 Troop just before its absorption into No.2 Special Boat Section (SBS) at Ardrossan (Scotland) on 11th March 1942.

In October 1942, Operation: Majestic Enterprise was undertaken when Lt. Livingstone (together with Capt. Godfrey Basil Courtney and Lt. James Panton Foot would escort Gen. Mark Clarke ashore in North Africa on the General’s secret mission to Vichy French controlled North Africa in an attempt to procure the surrender of French Forces there before the launch of Operation Torch.