Capt. Paul Peter "PP" Loraine MM

(S/N 153056)

Lt. Paul Peter Loraine, formerly of the French Army (fighting at Dunkirk) and then the Border Regiment - in whose service he had won a Military Medal before being commissioned into the Regiment, served with No.6 Commando from, 5th January 1941.

He served as No.6 Commando's Intelligence Officer during the North African operations from at least 24th December 1942 until, at least, 3rd February 1943.

Paul Loraine is described as being a short, energetic, but modest man.

It is noted that on D-Day he travelled on the HMS Princess Astrid - landing with No.4 Commando - as part of No.6 Commando's advanec party.

Picture is believed to have been taken in September 1941.