Capt. Alistair Kenneth MacLeod MacKenzie

(S/N 95271)

Lt. Alistair Kenneth McLeod Mackenzie, formerly of the Cheshire Regiment, served with No.6 Troop of No.6 Commando from at least 22nd June 1941. 

Promoted to Captain of No.1 Troop from, at least, 21st July 1942, he was Killed In Action (KIA) on 8th November 1942 leading No.1 Troop during the assault on Beer Red Two beach during the Operation: Torch landings in North Africa, aged 23 years.

Alistair was the son of Lt.-Col. and Mrs. K. McL. Mackenzie; husband of F. L. Mackenzie, of Arkholme, Lancashire. He is buried in Dely Ibrahim War Cemetery, Grave 3.K.10.