Maj. F.H. "Jock" MacLeod

(S/N 58125)

Capt. F.H. "Jock" McLeod, formerly of the Cammeronians, served as a Troop Captain with No.6 Commando from, at least, 10th June 1941 and was Troop Captain of No.4 Troop during the Operation Torch landings in North Africa on 8th November 1942. On 19th November 1942, Capt. "Jock" MacLeod was promoted to A/Major and 2-i/c and was noted as taking over command of No.6 Commando on 4th December 1942.

He was captured by a German tank crew on 26th February 1943 , when cut-off and isolated from the rest of No.6 Commando. He spent the final years of the war in Oflag 12B (Hadamar) as PoW No. 1465.

Picture courtesy of Mr. Harry Dennant.

Picture taken ipre-embarkation for Operation Torch (1942).