Lt. Derek "Dusty" Miller MC

(S/N 326933)

Lt. Derek "Dusty" Miller MC, formerly of the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders, is mentioned as being a subaltern in No.6 Troop of No.6 Commando from, at least, 23rd February 1945. He was noted as being a particularly popular officer amongst the men.

He was noted as being wounded by rifle fire to his arm in action during the Aller River crossing on 11th April 1945 but still continuing to take part in the struggle to maintain the foothold on the eastr bank of the river, including an active and distinguished role in the ensuing Commando bayonet charge for which he was awarded the Military Cross on 1st June 1945 when he was still serving with No.6 Troop.

It is noted that Lt. Derek Miller was originally from Horsham, Sussex, and following the war held a position with the Sterling Engineering Company (makers of the famous sub-machine gun) and was a Company Commander of the London Scottish (TA).

He was later promoted to Major. Later, he is thought to have emigrated to Tasmania to take-up a position with Cadbury’s in Tasmania and then later the State Insurance Co.