Maj. David H.J.G. Powell

Lt. David H.J.G. Powell, formerly of the Welch Fusiliers, served as a sub-altern. in No.5 Troop of No.6 Commando from, at least, 5th August 1941.

Following the promotion of Capt. J. MacLeod to Major and 2-i/c, Lt. David Powell was promoted to A/Capt. of No.4 Troop on 19th November 1942 – effective from 9th November 1942 - but was Wounded In Action (WIA) with a severe head wound during the abortive battle to capture Djebel-el-Azzag on 30th November 1942 . On 7th October 1943, Lt. David Powell He rejoined No.6 Commando as a Lieutenant and was again promoted to Captain/ Commando Assistant Adjutant and fought with No.6 Commando HQ throughout Normandy.  He was promoted to Major and 2-i/c on 24th June 1944 (but taking effect from w.e.f. 6th June 1944) to A/Lt-Col. Tony Lewis. However, with the return of Lt-Col. Coade on 8th August 1944 and A/Lt-Col. Lewis being returned to 2-i/c and Major , David Pow ell became the Commando Adjutant once again.

It is noted that as a result of his injury received in 1942 his eye-sight had deteriorated somewhat in one eye and he used to wear a monocle. 
Picture is believed to have been taken in September 1941.
Picture taken pre-embarkation for Operation Torch