Maj. Alexander Scott Ronald MC

(S/N 68201)

Maj. Alexander Scott Ronald, formerly of the King's Royal Rifle Corps (KRRC) and No.3 Commando (taking part in the Vaagso & Maaloy raid and also Mentioned in Despatches), was posted as 2-i/c of No.6 Commando on 26th May 1942 .

Maj. Alexander Ronald was Killed In Action on 8th November 1942 during the Operation Torch landings on Algiers, Algeria when his LCP – having drifted severely off-course - attempted to make a landing on the heavily defended Ilot De La Marine, Algiers.

Alexander was aged only 33 years at his death. He was the son of Ronald Dewar Ronald and Lillian Bowie Ronald; husband of Elizabeth Carlisle Ronald, of Wheatley, Oxfordshire. B.A. (Oxon). Alexander was laid to rest in Dely Ibrahim War Cemetery . Grave 3.H.7.