2nd-Lt. Douglas Alexander Russell MC

2nd-Lt. Douglas Alexander Russell MC, formerly of the 2nd Battalion of the North Staffordshire Regiment and No.4 Commando, served with No.1 (later known as No.101) Troop of No.6 Commando from, at least, 18th May 1941 until their move out of the Commando as part of the formation of No.2 Special Boat Section (SBS).

It is noted that he was awarded the Military Cross during the retreat of the North Staffordshire Regiment (part of the British Expeditionary Force) through Belgium during operations at the River Dyle, near Roubaix, in May 1940.

The citation reads:

‘During operations on the River Dyle and south-east of Roubaix 2nd-Lt Russell acted with conspicuous gallantry. On 16th May during a withdrawal from the River Dylethis officer was in command of a rear party. Despite the fact that his position was very exposed, under continuous close range enemy fire and at one period practcally sujrrounded by the enemy 2nd-Lt Russell held the position for exactly the period ordered and then successfully withdrew his party. On 24th May this officer with his platoon carried out a highly successful patrol well in advance of our line east of Roubaix. 2nd-Lt Russell on this occasion remained out from 20:00 hrs on 24th May until mid-day on 25th May during which time he successfully beat off an enemy patrol, killing two, bringing in one prisoner, and some very valuable information. Throughout these two operations 2nd-Lt Russell acted with coolness and determination of the highest order.’ 

2nd-Lt. Douglas Alexander Russell was on loan as a Liaison Officer to the Royal Canadian Army, from No.2 SBS, as part of Operation Jubilee (the raid on Dieppe, France) from, at least, 12th August 1942. He was captured at Dieppe on 19th August 1942 and interned as a Prisoner Of War, eventually spending the rest of the war in Stalag VIIB as Prisoner No. 4092.

After the war, and his release from captivity, he returned to military service in the British Army of the Rhine (BAOR) and Far East Land Forces (FARELF) in Malaysia. Eventually attaining the rank of Major.

Picture (Top Left) courtesy of Mr. Colin Russel (Son of 2nd-Lt Douglas Alexander Russell).