Capt. Keith A. Smith (aka Keith Quas Cohen)

Lt. Keith A. Smith (aka Keith Quas Cohen), formerly of the Royal Artillery, served with No.1 (later becoming No.101) Troop of No.6 Commando from 1940 (in Scarborough) until 12th November 1941 when he was reported as captured, along with L/Cpl. C. Woodhouse, when their canoe failed to return from the Operation Sunstar recconaissance mission to the East of Houlgate (France).

Lt. Keith A. Smith had been promoted to Captain following his selection to lead a group of twenty-four (including himself) volunteers for dangerous duties operating in the Channel, as from May 1941.

It is noted that he had been refused permission to venture out on the Operation Sunstar mission because it was viewed by Capt. Montanaro that despite being an excellent canoist his bulky size would make it difficlut for him to re-embark in a strong surf.  Lt. Smith however had managed to then pursuade Capt. Montanaro to allow him to attend on the mission.