Capt. D. Stalker

Lt. D. Stalker, formerly with the K.O.S.B., served with No.6 Commando from 12th April 1944 until, at least, 7th June 1944 when he was reported as being wounded. Lt. Stalker rejoined the Commando on 7th August 1944 , and was posted to No.1 Troop.

Capt. D. Stalker is noted as being the Commanding Officer of No.3 Troop from, at least, 27th January 1945 .

Capt. D. Stalker was reported as wounded during the Aller River crossing on 11th April 1945, and was replaced by Lt. Clovis who was promoted to Troop Captain. It is believed that Capt. Stalker lost the arm that was wounded that day.

In late 1945, Capt. D. Stalker was reported as being transferred to No.4 Commando for the purposes of occupation operations in Germany .