Capt. John Cassell Woollitt MID

(S/N 66051)

Capt. John Cassell Woollitt served with No.1 (later becoming No.101) Troop No.6 Commando from 1940 in Scarborough until March 1941 when during a night exercise he was injured falling from some rocks on the banks of Loch Sunart.  He was rushed to Hospital suffering severe injuries and never returned to No.1 Troop.

After some recuperation from his injuries, Capt. John Woollitt returned to the Commando and on 11th July 1941 he took over as Commando Adjutant from 2nd-Lt. Knox.

During the Operation Claymore assault on the Norwegian Vaagso & Maaloy islands Capt. John Woollitt was serving on attachment to No.3 Commando and was placed in charge of all demolition activities on the Island of Maaloy, as well as advising the Commando raiding party on the composition of High Explosives to be used to demolish the herring oil factory in Mortennes.

Capt. John Woolitt was Mentioned in Despatches for the systematic demolition of all potentially usable facilities and equipment on the Island of Maaloy.

On 12th February 1942 Capt. John Cassell Woolitt was reported as having been posted to the Armoured Division.