Prt. Frank Barton

Prt. Frank Barton served in No.6 Commando from, at least, 13th October 1942. He took part in the Operation Torch assault landings on the North African coast in November 1942 but was captured during the battle of ‘Steamroller Farm’ on 26th February 1943 whilst attending the severly injured Lt. John Alexander Bonvin.

Frank was sent to a PoW Camp, Campo 66 in C apua, Italy , where he was reunited with his brother who had been reported missing near Tobruk in 1942. On 8th September 1943 – as the Italians surrendered to invading Allied troops, Frank and his brother escaped from captivity and made it back to Allied lines. A journey that took them two and half months, via Spain & Iceland . After being repatriated back to the UK he rejoined No.6 Commando in H ove to prepare for the D-Day landings. 

Picture courtesy of Frank Barton.