Sgt. George Henry Elsdon

(S/N 831786)

Sgt. George Henry Elsdon, formerly of the Royal Artillery, served with No.6 Troop of No.6 Commando from 26th July1940 – the date of formation of the Commando in Scarborough..

Bdr. George Henry Elsdon enlisted in the Royal Artillery on 10th October 1933. He served in India from 14th October 1935 until 17th April 1939, and served in the British Expeditionary Force in Europe from 15th September 1939 until 10th May 1940.

Sgt. Elsdon served with No.6 Commando during their North African campaign and was reported as being Wounded in Action (WIA) on 30th November 1942, during their aborted assault on Djebel El Azzag (‘Green Hill’). He rejoined the unit prior to its return to the UK.

Officially, Sgt. George Elsdon was reported as Missing In Action (MIA) believed Killed, which was later changed to Killed In Action (KIA) on 10th June 1944. However, it is further noted that Sgt. Elsdon was reported by any eye witness as having being killed, along with Lt. Derek Dutton, and injuring L/Sgt. A. Evans in the shoulder on D-Day near Breville by the same machine gun fire.

Sgt. George Henry Elsdon was laid to rest in Ranville War Cemetery (Calvados, France).  Grave IA.K.11.