RSM. Frederick George Findley MM

(S/N 5041667)

TSM. Frederick George Findley, formerly of the RASC, served with No.5 Troop of No.6 Commando from at least October 1942. 

RSM Frederick Findley was awarded the Military Medal on 26th September 1943 as a Regimental Sergeant Major, the citation from Major "Jock" MacLeod reads:

"During the withdrawal from Dj(eb el) Azag on 6th Jan(uary) 1943 TSM Findley repeatedly showed complete disregard for his own safety by covering his section by advancing under fire and throwing grenades. I consider that TSM. Findley's actions were responsible for numerous men reaching safety. Throughout the action he showed a most excellent example to his men. He is over 40 years of age and put up a remarkable performance."