L/Sgt. Walter Goodall MM

(S/N 3593748)


L/Sgt. Walter Goodall, formerly of the Border Regiment, served with No.5 Troop of No.6 Commando from, at least, October 1942.

He was moved to No.2 Troop from, at least, 30th December 1942.

He was awarded the Military Medal on 26th September 1943 for service in North Africa. The citation read:

‘On the night of 12th/ 13th December 1942 Sgt. Goodall proceeded in command of a small recce patrol to gain information about Germans in area of Djebel el Keddia.

‘During the 13th his patrol became involved with the enemy and surrounded by a considerably superior force. Sgt. Goodall extricated his patrol with great coolness and skill and brought back information which resulted in a very successful raid during the following night.’