Sgt. Patrick Edward Gray MM

(S/N 3783344)

L/Cpl. Patrick Edward Gray, formerly of The King’s Regiment (Liverpool), had served in No.6 Troop of No.6 Commando from, at least 5th June 1944.

L/Cpl. Patrick Edward Gray was awarded a Military Medal on 15th July 1944 for his actions on 10th June 1944. The citation read:

‘On 10th June 1944 during an attack on Breville, the section of which L/Cpl. Gray was a member became pinned in open ground by fire from a 20-mm gun and also a LMG.

L/Cpl. Gray, using his own initiative and showing extreme coolness and disregard for danger, called for fire support from the remainder of the section, while he himself worked forward with a Bren gun until he flanked the 20-mm gun whpse crew he then killed.  He then closed on to the LMG and again silenced the crew.  The whole of this action was carried out single-handed and under heavy fire by knocking out the crews of these two guns he enabled the section to continue its advance.’

Later, as a Sgt, he entered the Officer Cadet Training Unit (OCTU) and obtained a commission.  He eventually ended his Army career as a Lt-Col. He is noted as having distinguished himself both in the Malaysian and Korean conflicts during the 1950s.