Cpl. Norman Pearson Hunter

(S/N 288701)

Cpl. Norman Pearson Hunter, formerly of the Gordon Highlanders, served with No.6 Troop of No.6 Commando from, at least, 8th August 1941.

Cpl. Norman Hunter was killed during a mountaineering accident in Cumberland, Scotland on 21st October 1941, aged 25 years. It is reported that, despite the valiant attempts of Prt. William “Bill” Allen to save Cpl. Pearson, he had slipped on scree and had fallen to his death down a 300ft drop.

He was the son of William Pearson Hunter and Emma Lizzie Hunter, of Leicester.

Norman was laid to rest in Leicester (Welford Road) Cemetery (Leicestershire, UK) O.I. Uncons. Grave 357.

Pictures of L/Cpl. Norman Pearson's funeral detail courtesy of Mr. Frank Barton