L/Sgt. Eric Khytovitch MM

(S/N 1876034)

L/Sgt Eric Khytovitch, formerly of the Royal Engineers, served with No.1 (later known as No.101) Troop of 6 Commando from it’s formation in 1940 (in Scarborough) until, at least, 6th September 1941.

He was recommended by Lt-Col. Mills-Roberts for a Military Medal on 5th March 1943 for his action during the Battle of Steamroller Farm at Fedi Et Attia on 26th February 1943.

The citation reads:

‘After six hours of fierce fighting in an engagement between VI Commando and three Companies of Herman Goering Jaeger Regiment, this NCO was ordered with his sub-section to cover the withdrawal of two Troops.  Both Troops passed through his position without casualty owing to the effective heavy and well-controlled fire of his sub-section.  Although under heavy fire and running short of ammunition, this NCO conducted such a skillfull rearguard action with his sub-section that he successfully neutralised the enemy attack in that locality.’  

On D-Day, L/Sgt. Eric Khytovitch MM was serving with No.1 Troop of No.6 Commando under Capt. Robinson.

He was unfortunately KIA on 10th June 1944, aged 24 years, during No.1 Troop’s abortive attempt to reinforce the No.4 Commando’s lines.

Eric was the son of Jacob and Frances Khytovitch, of Manchester, and was laid to rest in Ranville War Cemetry (Calvados, France). Grave IIIA.M.2.