L/Cpl. W. Larkins

(S/N 2880641)

Prt. W. Larkins, formerly of the Northumberland Fusiliers, served with No.6 Troop of No.6 Commando from, at least, 8th August 1941.

He was later noted as being within  ‘A’ Troop of No. 6 Commando from, at least 26th March 1943 when they were reported as MIA along with L/Cpl. F.T. McArdle and Sgt. W.G. Brown.

There was a L/Cpl. W. Larkins listed as Prisoner Number 907 in Camp L3. This is the same camp as L/Cpl. McArdle (Prisoner No. 911) & Sgt. W.G. Brown (Prisoner No. 889).