Cpl. George Anderson "Lofty" Layton

(S/N 10586271)

Cpl. George Anderson “Lofty” Layton (born on 21st July 1921), formerly of the Royal Armour Ordinance Corps, served with No.3 Troop of No.6 Commando from, at least, 5th June 1944.

It is reported that Cpl. George “Lofty” Layton was wounded in the legs by mortar shrapnel on 6th June 1944 during No.3 Troop’s aborted move in to Breville. His comrade was killed at the side of him. The French resistance found him, fed and watered him, cared for him but dare not get expert medical advice or help for fear of reprisals. He was rescued a few days later and taken to hospital. He took a long time to recover and was discharged having been found medically unfit for further service. He was in Ward 54 of EMS Hospital, Whitingham, Preston, Lancashire .

George was married to Doris Goodrum at Crosshill, Codnor on 17th March 1945. They had four children: Brian, David, Christine & Jackie and nine grandchildren.

His medals were:

1939/45 Star

France/Germany Star

Defence Medal

1939/45 War Medal