Sgt. Alexander "Alec" Norrie

(S/N 4269882)

Sgt. Alexander “Alec” Norrie, formerly of the Northumberland Fusiliers, served with No.6 Troop of No.6 Commando in North Africa, from at least 7th November 1942

Sgt. Norrie, a Geordie, had a reputation for keeping his men well fed in North Africa. On one such occasion the men of No.6 Troop managed to separate a large pig from a local herd and chased it into a gully with a view to slaughtering it for fresh meat as supplies had been so erratic. The pig was very large and none of the men had brought their rifles or bayonets. However, Sgt. Norrie pulled out a small pocket knife and jumped on the pig’s back, which promptly shot off at considerable speed, carrying along the hapless Sergeant for some considerable distance before his pen knife had the desired effect of killing the animal.

Whenever the Troop also approached an area of farms he would send out his mate, Vince Henthorn, to collect fresh eggs for his men.

He is mentioned as commanding a No.4 Section of ‘A’ Troop patrol on 15th March 1943.

On 24th January 1946, Sgt. Alexander Norrie was awarded the Military Medal for his service to the unit.  The citation reads:

‘Sgt. Norrie has served with this unit throughout the North Africana and European campaigns.

He has at all times in this campaign shown the highest courage and endurance.  He is a natural leader, aggressive, fearless and sound in his judgement.

He has suffered from chronic stomach trouble since North Africa and has twice been told by Medical Officers that he should be down-graded but has insisted as carrying on and by sheer guts and will power has refused to let this complaint interfere with his military career.

During this campaign he has carried out twenty-four successful patrols and once when in charge of a standing patrol was responsible for giving the unit a further much needed 20 minutes for consolidation whilst fighting a brilliant delaying action.

He has on many occassions, owing to a shortage of officers, been placed in command of a Commando Section of 30 men and has led them with the highest skill, gallantry and initiative.’