Gnr. Thomas Pritchard

(S/N 819268)

Gnr. Thomas Pritchard, formerly of the Royal Artillery, served with No.5 Troop of No.6 Commando from at least 9th December 1941 .

Gnr. Thomas Pritchard was mortally wounded through deep lacerations of his skull, right eye and left arm caused by grenade fragments following an accidental grenade detonation onboard HMS Prince Charles on 9th December 1941 during the final preparations for the raid on Florø ( Norway ). Thomas remained unconscious and in a critical state whilst being transported back to the mainland from Scapa Flow . He died of his wounds on 15th December 1941 , aged 29 years.

Thomas was the son of John and Ena Pritchard; and the husband of Betty Elfreda Pritchard of Scarborough , Yorkshire . He was laid to rest in Bangor (Llandegai) Cemetery (Wales, UK). Sec. A. Grave 3.