Fus. J. Service

(S/N 2983817)

Fus. John Service, formerly of the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers, was recommended to be Mention in Dispatches by Lt-Col. Derek Mills-Roberts following the Battle of Steamroller Farm on 26th February 1943 .  The citation reads:

‘During the action between No.VI Commando and a Battalion of Herman Goering Jaeger Regiment, Fus. Service’s section position was attacked by a party of enemy approx. 80 strong – finally they were 40 yards away when Fus. Service picked up the Bren Gun and fired it from the hip. The enemy advanced shouting ‘Jaeger, Jaeger!’ Fus. Service was standing hose-piping them with his Bren Gun and shouting back ‘Commando, Commando!’. He killed many Germans and set an example of high courage and esprit de corps to his Section.’