L/Cpl. Harry Tibbles MM

(S/N 3860540)

Prt. Harry Tibbles, formerly of the Border Regiment and No.12 Commando, served in No.2 Troop of No.6 Commando from at least June 1944 until the end of the war.

Promoted to L/Cpl. Tibbles, he was awarded the Military Medal on 24th July 1945 for his actions during the Operation: Enterprise assault on the River Elbe (Germany).  The citation read:

‘Near Lauenburg on the night of 28th/29th April 1945, Prt. Tibble’s Troop was responsible for the left flank of the bridgehead over the River Elbe.

As the troop advanced along the line of the riverto its objectiveit was suddenly fired on by a machine-gun from the top of the high bank on the inland side.  The troop had no other alternative but to take cover in the angle of the bank as the beach was completely open. Prt. Tibbles was in the rear of the troopwith his bren gun and immediately appreciating what was happening in the front he dashed up the slope calling to his No.2 to follow him.  The slope was 200 feet high and a gradient of 1 in 2.

Prt. Tibbles when he reached the top worked his way along on the shadow  side of the line of trees until he was immediately on top of the machine-gun post which was still in the act of firing down on his troop.

From here he killed all three of the machine-gun team and enabled his troop to continue its advance.

By his own immediate initiative, determination and personal courage Prt. Tibbles enabled the advance of his troop to continue and on his own liquidated a strong-point that might have proved expensive.’