Prt. Albert Edward "Chalky" White

(S/N 14517771)

Prt. Albert Edward “Chalky” White, formerly of the Highland Light Infantry (City of Glasgow Regiment), served with No.6 Troop of No. 6 Commando until February 1944 when he had refused to jump during parachute training, despite assurances from the base commander, Maj. Bill Coutenay-Coade and his Troop CO, Capt. C.E. Leaphard. Eventually, he was returned back to the Commando in Hove and transferred to No.3 Troop.

Prt. Albert “Chalky” White was drowned, aged 20 years, during a pre-invasion training exercise being held near Arundel (West Sussex) on 8th April 1944, after a rubber dinghy in which Albert was crossing the River Arun overturned. His body was recovered from the river after several days.

Albert was the son of Albert Reginald and Daisy Elizabeth White, of Charlton Kings. He was laid to rest in Charlton Kings Cemetery ( Gloucestershire , UK ) Sec.9.Grave.127.